Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Philosopher Queen

Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Beautiful
  1. Complexity is most intriguing when it juxtaposes the simple.
  2. I prefer solving mysteries to being lectured by the head detective.
  3. I prefer a child’s intuitive wisdom to the academic’s schooled analysis.
  4. I prefer the kaleidoscope to the periscope.
  5. I prefer abstraction (in art, music, dance, or theatre) that jests and riddles and playfully reveals its irreverence.
  6. I prefer leaving emotion at the door: form, color, texture, and dynamic are beautiful in and of themselves.
  7. I often prefer the Components to the composite Greater Meaning.
  8. I prefer a cross-pollination of genres to absolutes.
  9. I prefer prose that is poetic.
  10. I prefer a suggestion of narrative to the straight-jacket of a specific story.
  11. I prefer the myth or the fairy tale to the instruction manual.
  12. I prefer performance that convinces with an easy physicality yet is capable of risking a spontaneous detour.
  13. But, with a secret prejudice for strange imperfections, I often prefer the puppet over the prima ballerina.


One (and an half) by me:

It's all contrast.

(If there is no contrast, it will generate in the head of the listener.)

Some of this is already in a few of your formulae.

Inspiring post.


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