Sunday, August 07, 2005

Coming Soon!

After some time in the garage, Sidecar Syndicate returns! We will debut a brief excerpt of our new show at the Midsummer's Daydream Festival on August 14. "Silver and Shadow" casts music by Ives, Hege, and Carson adrift in a seemingly familiar coastal setting; it is a myth that welcomes poets and parlor girls, lovers and longshoremen. In the fog of this dream, Sidecar Syndicate sources Edgar Allen Poe and Percy Grainger and blurs the lines between text and song. Like two sirens, Anne Hege (voice, electronics) and Heather Heise (pianos, voice and accordions) act as guides through a through-composed set of art songs and crafted electronic interludes.

toy accord Sunday, August 14th at 2pm
The Chamber Arts House
2924 Ashby (at Elmwood)
Berkeley, CA

In recent weeks, the shopping list for this show sent me on a quite a treasure hunt.

Large silver scissors/shears
Receipt roll (long roll of white paper)
Old, crusty fishermen's net
This chair
Large clear glass fishbowl
Blue light
Bedsheet, curtain, or bolt of fabric
Hook & Eye closures (oversized)
Black cotton, halter-style leotard
Fisher Price "wobbly bell" toy
Silver spray paint




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