Monday, April 16, 2007

Sometimes Doing Next to Nothing

wisdom from the barstool...

"It [the video footage] is almost too beautiful. I don't want to touch it. I can't imagine editing it."

"So don't."


Oddly, the day I posted this, I had a conversation with a friend about French music, piano solos and songs, and how whenever I took that repertoire to my lessons at the Conservatory, my teacher would send me home early. He had little to say except [through clenched lips], "This is right up your alley." (I suspect he did not care much for Debussy and Fauré, but it was true that I feel at home with their works.) I said, "I feel like I'm not doing enough! I should think about the soft pedal, or about half pedal colorations, or, you know, that staccato/legato thing...raindrops in the gauze..." And my friend interjected, "But no! That's the thing! Everyone always tries to do too much to French music. So if you say that your style is "doing nothing" ...well, you're perfect to accompany these songs!"


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