Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sidecar Wrap-up

Four performances of "The Children's Hour" this month!

Monday August 20th, 8pm
The Monday Night Marsh Series
1062 Valencia Street, SF
Sidecar shares the bill with three other artists and thus will present only an excerpt of "The Children's Hour." Located across the street from Aquarius Records and just down the block from Ritual, the tiny black box theatre has a certain musty charm. I even found a dead mouse under the piano last time we played there! That's so in keeping with this summer's show--I can't even tell you...

Friday August 24th, 8pm
Giorgi Gallery
2911 Claremont Ave, Berkeley
Sidecar presents "The Children's Hour" in its entirety. This will be the grand culmination of our work this summer: all the songs, as much time as we need, and an audience comprised of dear friends, loved ones, and hopefully more than a few curious strangers. I love the space, although acoustically it's quite bright. We may dress up. We are undecided about video. I may put out the brandy snifter (er, tip jar) and play ragtime prelude music. You just never know...with a Sidecar show!

Monday August 27th, 8pm
The Monday Night Marsh Series
1062 Valencia Street, SF
Part of the deal of doing the Monday Night Series is that you perform your piece on two consecutive Mondays. This gives budding artists a week to tweak things and then run the performance again.

Thursday August 30th, 8pm-ish
The Jennifer Justice Show
San Francisco Comedy Club
50 Mason Street, SF
Jennifer has long been an enthusiastic supporter of Sidecar's work, and this year she turns the tables on us a bit. We appear on a portion of her program...but in an interview format. Sidecar will bookend the Q & A with brief performed excerpts of "The Children's Hour" and will also likely run some video or soundtrack throughout and around it. Anne and I hope that this will capture the mood and repertory of our show even as we sit there dissecting and discussing our artistic methods, choices, and processes. It should be surprising and interesting!


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