Friday, October 13, 2006

At the Bar

Last week I updated the the "heroes & heroines" category in the sidebar.

Michael Zbyszynski taught the beginner's Max/MSP workshop at CNMAT this summer, and so I must credit him as an initial inspirator! I would never have matched his quirky classroom demeanor to some of the austere and beautiful music posted on his website, but it is the music that makes me think he's someone to keep an eye on. I can't wait to show him how my patches have developed!

Continuing in a very biased way...John Bischoff is my current Max/MSP teacher, and last week I heard him perform at RML as part of the Cycling74/AES "party." Hearing him make musical lines from pure synthesised sounds--clouds of noise and simple tones--made me almost embarrassed to show up at yet another lesson with my sampler machines. I have become a little queen of sampling; just wait til you see me perform on my two octave MIDI keyboard controller. John's knowledge of the real inner workings of a sound...that is something else entirely. More on this as my lessons continue!

I discovered Christopher Musgrave's work following a curious thread of clues that led from one state-of-the-art audio/visual venue South of Market to the very wide world of the internet. The documentation on his website (which he admits needs an update) renders me speechless. Some of the pieces remind me a bit of Bill Viola, but in a cleaner, more condensed and contemporary style. I'm especially fond of Poltergeist. I hope to interview or even possibly work with Chris in the coming year. (Hey, one can wish, right?)


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