Monday, December 18, 2006

A Clean Slate

2006 was a mess. Creatively, I ventured down some new but not entirely unfamiliar paths, composing two pieces for dance, performing in a storefront window radio booth, playing my two octave midi keyboard while seated in the center of a room walled by four giant video screens, traveling by bus in Mexico to a gig at a Zen center, learning Max/MSP and co-creating an installation for CCA and Stanford University's art department. I'll take more of such messiness. More more more, please.

Perhaps I'll detail the year-in-review next week while warming my feet in front of the childhood fireplace, but for now, I offer a peek at a few tantalizing projects in store for 2007. These include collaborations and/or showings of my work at ODC, The Field and the Oakland Columbarium, and with composers of the wildly imaginative ilk, from CNMAT to Princeton and hopefully beyond...


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