Friday, October 12, 2007

Waiting, Patiently

Patience brings one to an ending. Or, rather, patience hinges the end--tightly--to a new beginning. And finally, patience sets one free on a new path. What a nice tripartite structure.

Patience brings me to tonight's recital, which I began preparing for in earnest after the Fauré concert back in June. Four months of practice and expectancy, occasional laziness and consequent recommitment ... whew, it's been an interesting ride. This idea of the hinge, though, of the drawing out of time, of waiting patiently (sometimes pained, and with great longing) and then swinging on the hinge and starting something new... That's my mental image, my visual preparation, for tonight. The musically etherized moments in between songs--particularly, in between the songs of a self-contained set--are so fragile. For the performer, this (non)playing is almost more difficult than the actual playing of notes on the page. The in-between time demands patience before it can swing free into the next piece. Patience. A hinge. Swing. Something new. My mantra while Sven sings.

And finally: Patience has brought my two dear friends something new as well. In the Wings welcomes Calliope Alexandra, born October 12, 2007.


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