Sunday, October 21, 2007


[cue: ominous whistling]

"Energetic, eccentric, engaging Pianist/Vocalist or Solo Pianist to work part time nights in a modern, upscale, N.W. Portland, OR restaurant. We are looking for somebody to play an eclectic mix of music during dinner service, including covers as well as original songs.

Examples of "covers" range from classical to opera to Tom Waits ... Radio Head, Magnetic Fields, John Cage, John Cale, Talking Heads, & Leonard Cohen.

We are not looking for soft rock or hard rock."

This is true ad--you can scour the Craigslist for yourself! --Ed.


I was about to recommend a friend, but he is based in NY...

You should keep an eye out for an upcoming documentary, Note by Note: The Making of a Steinway #L1037.

--Patricia Benabe

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