Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wrapping the Year

This was a bittersweet year. I recognized more clearly where my musical passions and ambitions lie, and I endured a few melodramas along the way. Here's a year-end top-ten:
1. my first solo performance sans piano at The Field in April
2. hearing the roar of the motos in my studio apartment while watching Faster in May
3. playing Fauré artsongs at Notre Dame des Victoires in June
4. debuting The Children's Hour at the Chapel of the Chimes on June 21
5. the purr of Grenny's motor in July
6. every Sidecar performance June 21-August 24
7. accompanying Sven Olbash in concert at Old First Church in October
8. mixing video for the duration of Sidecar's set at Monkey Town in November
9. seeing Anne Carolyn (and dreamboat Bryn Terfel!) in The Marriage of Figaro at the Met in November
10. the silent music of an act so fast, furious, and perfectly designed: Felipe spinning his web on my porch in December


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