Tuesday, May 01, 2007



I am working on a piece of visual/audio that uses butterflies as the subject. The audio is a subtle and sometimes shocking imagining: "if butterflies could talk, and if we could hear their wings." Little beeps and snippies. Nothing revolutionary here. The piece does not pretend to have the grandeur of a 9th symphony. It's purely fun and play for me.

I think about it constantly, however, and woke at four this morning wanting to work on the piece. So I did. Then, at nine, I switched to practicing piano. And in the midst of trying to disentangle my fingers as they played an endless trill, I thought, "just pretend it's a butterfly!" And it worked. Trills have always been a thorn in my side; I never seem to access the right muscle for the fast, limp shake that they require, particularly when they go on and on for several measures. But imagining my fingers as colorful little wings, and hearing the sound take fluttering flight...it worked!

So maybe a little fun and play (at four in the morning) never hurts! That's my tutorial for the day. Happy May Day!


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