Monday, May 29, 2006

Il Est Né

2& is (often more and never less than) the creative team of Roddy Schrock and Heather Heise. The duo christened itself May 19, 2006, after a typical work session that included beating dance club pulses and bird tweets into a satisfying, comingling pulp; recording samples of bubble wrap, packing tape and sandpaper; and walking up the block for excellent Japanese snack food. Their songs are playful and vibrant, striving as much towards simplicity and clarity as towards becoming giddy tangles of sound design.

2& make and manipulate all of their own sounds and perform with subtle theatrical grace using small percussion instruments (cymbals, bells, castenets, and woodblocks); accordion and toy piano; common household items and favorite found objects; voice, text, laptop computer and even, sometimes, stemware. (They promise to loose the eighty-eight keyed, iron-framed beast from its bullpen in the near future.)

With careful consideration for lighting, video, costume and stage design, the duo creates original electronic music for the visually inclined. They are not mere spectacle seekers, however, as can be witnessed at their parsed down debut on Saturday June 10th. If you're in the Mission, tune in to 88.9 FM between 2 - 4pm to hear 2& live. Alternately, you can hang out on the sidewalk in front of ATA and ogle us in person.


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